“Genetic analysis is a key tool in allowing us to make informed breeding decisions. The value of that data is only as good as the robustness of the sampling process.

The Caisley Geno Tissue Sampling System is fool-proof, and the Geno tags are very practical and easy to use.”
James Hazard – www.meresidelimousins.co.uk


“Having unsuccessfully tried two different makes of tags over the last three years I came across Caisley tags early this year. I was looking for a small management flag tag and ordered their MultiFlex L/L Visual tag. I found them very well made with a sharp point and a strong visible print which made reading the numbers easy even at a distance. Using the Universal applicator is efficient: the tags are held firmly by spring loaded clamps for both male and female part. No tags have been lost and none of the lambs experienced infections to the ear. My experience with the tags is very good and I have now ordered the Flexotronic and FlexoPlus range of EID tags.”

Sylvia Rawlings – Wissington Grange




“We have used Caisley tags for 12 years and found them to be very simple to administer as the two tags come in an easy to use strip for each calf. Competitors tags used recently were jumbled up in two separate  boxes and are proving to be inconvenient to use. As well as this the competitors tags move in the applicator making the process of application haphazard to say the least as well as time consuming. Drop out rates are also very low with the Caisley tags.”




I started using Caisley Tags because I had been having retention problems with other manufacturers’ tags.  Since I started using Caisley tags, Spring 2012, we have only lost one tag out of nearly 600 used.

When applying the ear tags it doesn’t matter which tag you use, the universal applicator fits all the tags from electronic to tissue sampling tags.

When the tags arrive in their packaging they are welded together so there is no fear of getting them mixed up before they are applied.

When ordering replacement tags the 24 hour service works well and the tags always arrive the next day.

The tags are very pliable and are able to rotate freely when applied to the ear, which I think helps with the retention.

I have no hesitation in recommending these tags to other farmers because of all the points I have mentioned, but I think the number one reason is retention, and this seems to be the biggest concern that cattle farmers have with ear tags.

Robert Neill, Upper Nisbet Farm

“We have been using Caisley Tags for the past year. We were very impressed by the company from the outset with their speedy delivery, great prices and their excellent customer service. The tags are of a high quality, well packaged with all the extras that you need to send away the tissue samples for testing. We found the applicator was easier to use than other applicators used for other makes of tags. For the time that we have been using them we have found the retention rate to be excellent, only losing one tag out of the 200 tags we have used.”

Wendy Callion, Bolfornought Farm Stirling