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[sidebar_tab title=”Secondary tags available in a choice of colours”]

Secondary tags available in a choice of colours

Available in 6 colours. Available with combos: 2,3,11, & 15


[sidebar_tab title=”Easy animal visual identification”]

Last three numbers printed in management space of Ministry Approved Secondary tag

Combo 2BStrip


[sidebar_tab title=”EID Slaughter Tags printed with management animal number”]

If you do not have an EID tag reader

EID Slaughter Tags printed with management animal number.

A handy management tool with individual numbers printed on the tags along with a letter E.g. B00001 – B00100



[sidebar_tab title=”Colour Selection Washers“]

Colour Selection Washers

  • Easy identification of the age of the animal or other management information
  • Simple management tool
  • Removes the need for a third management tag

Available in 8 colours[/sidebar_tab]


[sidebar_tab title=”Universal Applicator“]

Universal Applicator inserts all tag types 

  • Visual
  • Electronic (EID)
  • Geno (tissue sampling)
  • GenoTronic™

FREE with first order of 70 pairs or more[/sidebar_tab]

[sidebar_tab title=”Easy tagging – Combo Strips“]Strip with both tags together for one animal speeds up tagging and avoids inserting non-matching tags.


Available with combos: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16, 35, 36, 37 & 39 


[sidebar_tab title=”Storage Box“]

Storage Box & Mini Storage for secure & easy sample tube managementStorage-box

  • Mini – 16 sample tubes
  • Standard – 192 sample tubes



[sidebar_tab title=”Easy Mark Pen”]

Use Easy Mark pen for management space secondary tags

Specially formulated ink in the Easy Mark pen dries almost immediately leaving a dark easily read mark Easy-Mark-Pen


[sidebar_tab title=”Important tagging information”]

Always ensure that the female part of the tag is inside the ear

  • Reduces the chance of the tag snagging or catching

When tagging animal from the front turn Applicator around and use the hole in female jaw to align the tag correctly

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