Secondary tags available in a choice of colours

Available in 6 colours. Available with combos: 2,3,11, & 15

Last three numbers printed in management space of Ministry Approved Secondary tag

Combo 2BStrip


If you do not have an EID tag reader

EID Slaughter Tags printed with management animal number.

A handy management tool with individual numbers printed on the tags along with a letter E.g. B00001 – B00100



Colour Selection Washers

  • Easy identification of the age of the animal or other management information
  • Simple management tool

Available in 8 colours



Universal Applicator inserts all tag types 

  • Visual
  • Electronic (EID)
  • Geno (tissue sampling)
  • GenoTronic™

FREE with first order of 70 pairs or more

Strip with both tags together for one animal speeds up tagging and avoids inserting non-matching tags.


Available with combos: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16, 35, 36, 37 & 39 



Storage Box & Mini Storage for secure & easy sample tube managementStorage-box

  • Mini – 16 sample tubes
  • Standard – 192 sample tubes




Use Easy Mark pen for management space secondary tags

Specially formulated ink in the Easy Mark pen dries almost immediately leaving a dark easily read mark Easy-Mark-Pen



Always ensure that the female part of the tag is inside the ear

  • Reduces the chance of the tag snagging or catching

When tagging animal from the front turn Applicator around and use the hole in female jaw to align the tag correctly